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If you are looking for a quality hand held blender that will last for years, you should aim for Braun hand blender. This article contains some useful tips on choosing a hand held blender for use in your kitchen.

So, what is the best hand blender? 

There are various brands of blender on the market, so you should think about what you are going to cook with it. This will determine which brand of hand held blender will meet your needs the best. Some blenders are very expensive and offer many different options but if you only want a blender for smoothies, you will not need one like that. You can also get hand blenders which are like food processors. This means they can dice, slice, cut and crush nearly any ingredient you need.

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You might want to check out top blenders first. These are basic but can do a variety of jobs. You might want to look at blendtec blenders, also known as immersion blenders, if you prefer a portable piece of appliance.

A baby food blender is a cup or stick type blender with a mixer or blade at one end or available as an extra head accessory. You can use it to make various baby food. You can also use this small baby blender to mash potatoes and prepare puree soups. Immersion blenders are less powerful than regular blenders but they are convenient because of their portability and small size.

A blender for smoothies or a milkshake blender is a stick type gadget with a blade at one end. You can use it to make various drinks such as strawberry and milk smoothies and shakes. You can also use this type of blender to thicken sauces or puree soups. These are not the best hand mixers ever, they are less powerful than regular blenders but they are convenient because of their portability and small size.

If you want something more heavy duty, you might want to look at food blender processors. These are powerful, high performance appliances which can dice, chop, crush, mince and more. There are a few different things to watch out for, when shopping for a blender's color and brand, no matter which type you are looking for. You might like to find a blender with a color you like like black. If you have space in your kitchen, you can keep the blender on a counter top, which means it will be on permanent display.

You might prefer a metal or plastic base. Since metal tends to be more expensive, you should consider that it keeps the appliance steadier when in use. A feeder in the lid will allow you to drop ingredients into the blender while it is running without having to remove the whole lid.

Different brands of blenders have different accessories and specs. They might have speed switch. The speeds allow you to do different things with the machine. The Braun blenders that offer higher power are better performers than a lot of cheaper brand models which have lower power options. Some of hand held ones might feature pulsing option that you might find useful too.

What type of container does the blender have? It might be stainless steel, glass or plastic. Each of these materials has pros and cons. A glass container will not rattle as much as a plastic one but is likely to break if you drop it on a hard floor! Plastic containers can get scratched easily and can absorb smells more easily than glass or steel containers. Glass is easier to clean. Steel containers can get dented easily. Check out the warranty and service options and make sure the blender you are looking at has all the features you will need.


Use a Juicer or prefer a Blender?

Juicers and blenders are great necessities for today's healthy kitchen. Juicers and blenders are different machines with different purposes. A mixer blender is a one piece of kitchen appliances that everybody should have. If you would like raw food, this mixer is what you will need to buy in order to make healthy meal in a cup to go!

The rotary blade at the bottom of the blender acts as a mixing bowl. You put your food in the top lid and watch it get liquidized into a drink! You can make yourself tasty shakes and smoothies' recipes. One of the famous recipes contains a banana, sometimes soya milk, few pieces of strawberries and a lot of ice cubes. Blend them in for a most healthy and delicious, easy to digest fruit smoothie, no time wasting, time effective and clean job. Simply, take off the lid and you are ready to go!

Since the new media trend taking over social media, is aiming to lower food waste, you will find smoothies you have prepared a great no waste product. All ingredients are down in the jug. Your fruits are liquidized and lighter to digest than other ingredients. In the hot lazy summer afternoon, grab yourself a tall banana, throw it in the top lid of your held blender, twist and mix and enjoy the sun!!

You can always enhance your smoothie by adding drink enhancers and super foods. For that, use a blender to make cooking time much less than before. Use a blender to whip in any kind of powdered supplement such as ginseng, barley grass, protein and many others.  

If you are on a diet, and would like to prepare healthy, tasty nutritious smoothies on daily basis, make sure to buy a decent blender.

Ingredients you can blend using a blender are not limited to:

1) Fruits like banana, strawberry and raspberry

2) Juice drained from your last juicing section

3) All kind of fresh nuts

4) Many kinds of seeds

5) Peeled fruits like Kiwi, avocado and grapes

6) Peeled citrus like orange

7) Any canned super food

8) Powdered green complexes

9) Protein powder and beefcakes

10) Oil extracts of seed

11) Blenders can also crush ice

12) Spinach or other green leaves like parsley and coriander

You can extract the best of fruits and vegetables vitamins and minerals. Roots like carrots are very good source of vitamins that you can intake on daily basis. The juicer is the key to get the best of nature’s source of health. Grab a carrot, put it in your juicer and enjoy the best natural benefits mother earth has created.

Using a juicer blender, you can break solid fruit and blend it with the juice of rough fruit. You can even beat the worst fruit body to break down. Just liquidize it and smash it using a blender mixer. Have you ever tried to juice a carrot and blend it with strawberries? Try to add crushed ice to that recipe to make it a smoothie to drink in summer time at your porch. You can also add to that recipe powdered protein and take it out with you for jogging. Your body will easily absorb the nutriments out of the smoothies since it is easier to digest it.

Your blender juicer lasts a lifetime if maintained properly. It offers a high quality of service by providing you with the best dietary supplement of all vitamin rich vegetables and fruits!

Blenders and juicers do different jobs, but complement each other’s. Each has different specs for different uses. No matter the question you might have about any blender machine or juicer, you can always chat with us live or send us a message.

We are always ready to answer any of your questions.

History of Hand Blenders

High quality hand blenders have always been a necessity in any kitchen. It is a machine that every household has kept handy on their counter top around the world. It can make your recipe much tastier and easier to make. You can use it to make hot soup on a cold night, a Sunday brunch’s dessert or a hot summer’s smoothie. Blender makers have improved the quality of blenders they make using advances technology available nowadays. It is subject to many design improvement with years, to make it more useful than ever, and easier to use.

The hand blenders you can find today in any supermarket on online store such as on, are a must have in your question. They are easier to use than their previous versions, easier to wash and less energy consuming. Small blenders will usually help you to blend fruits and vegetables. For that, you will need a stick blender or immersion blender. A good blender will be able to also crush ice; at least a powerful one will be able to.

While looking for the best blender, you should consider a lot of important things before you make up your mind about which model and brand to buy. Blenders should be easy to operate, easy to clean, stable, stylish, economical and have a jar lid.

1-    Ease of use

Hand blenders are easy to operate if chosen properly and handled with care. Braun, Philips and Kenwood introduced to the market, few models that feature a button, allowing you to control speed and type of blending. Such buttons can be found on the stick, and allow the user to crush ice with a simple click. Blenders’ with high performance and heavy duty will make such task faster.

1-    Hygienically speaking

Although blending splashes liquids everywhere, even in around the blender’s button, always make your best to clean it. Sometimes it is hard to clean, so choose one with removable blades because you can remove them to clean your blender easily. But many consumers would prefer built in blades. Such blenders can be washed without having to take the whole blender apart when washing.

2-    Stability

Since blenders run very fast for heavy duties, its vibrations cause by the motor will make it dysfunctional and might also scratch the counter top. So make sure, when you are buying blender, to choose a model with a heavy bottom. The lid should also be real tight when sealed to avoid spilling, but sometimes it is inevitable.

3-    Color and built in material

Many manufacturers have launched colored hand-held blenders with many variations of materials. Some will be a mix of glass and plastic, other are made of metal and colors. You might want to pick a model that would look good considering your kitchen theme. First, decide where you will put in and next to which other appliance to make up your mind about which particular blender to buy.

4-    Price

In case you have more bucks to spare, choose a branded blender like Braun hand blender, Kenwood and Philips. You will be using it frequently while preparing family meals. Make sure it is durable and high quality. Branded quality blenders are more expensive than the rest, but will last years in your kitchen closet.

5-    Pitcher

If you are planning to use the blender to make family size meals, you should consider the jar size. Bigger jars will allow preparing bigger amount of food. It is crucial to decide whether to buy a blender that comes with a pitcher or jar, or even a cup.

The above points are the most important things to consider where shopping for a blender whether online or at the appliance store.

Cooking Work Made Simpler When Using a Blender

Although many household use blenders frequently while cooking, you will be amazed that others rarely use them. Although blenders are the most time savers among appliances, a must-have in all kitchens, consumers should take their time to look through the many models and brands available in the market and online. It is a very efficient piece of equipment in processing solid food. Once you have it, you will love to test its many uses and make endless recipes so make sure to choose the best model out there.

Advanced technology has added many specs to blenders over years. Soup blender for example is one of the many kinds of blenders out there. Cup blenders featuring a jar is the most popular model among the new held ones, although the newest ones are portable and more efficient in many cooking tasks.

That’s why you should consider the meals you want to prepare using the newly purchased blender. While looking for the best blender out there, make sure to research its capacity and specifications. One is the ability to crush ice, which will be 500 W and more with a blade. Blades also have different jobs, one will chop and grind, a second will crush. Nowadays, Braun Philips, Moulinex and Kenwood Blenders include many accessories in the box.

The most expensive blenders are made of stainless steel. Some of them have stainless jars. Glass blenders are less expensive. And finally the plastic ones are the least expensive. Obviously, the cheaper the blender is less capacity will have.

The best appliance for cooking is a held by hand blender. You can find them by looking on Off Shelf Deals for immersion blenders. These ones do not feature a jar, but can be immersed straight in hot pans on fire. Stir to remove lumps from the bottom of the pot.

You might find the multifunction blender more expensive. Since they are made at commercial grade level, sometimes they can make soup. That’s why they operate as food processor with blender. The highest rated blender is the one that can chop ice. Many provide wave actions to keep ingredients in contact with the blade. To stop spilling food outside of the lid container, a reversing blade improves the flow. Be careful from using blenders with dispensers although you might find them handy, they will stop pouring.

Additional functions for a blender mean higher price. That’s why you should decide the purpose and use of the blender as well as your budget. You might find it less expensive to buy a blender with many accessories, since you will not need to buy another appliance. Decide on your needs and cooking tasks, then have a happy shipping on Off Shelf Deals!


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